Mayor is a Critical Role

Why Choose Me


23 years of Municipal Government experience make me an excellent candidate to be the next Mayor of Medical Lake. I hold and MBA, am fiscally conservative, and practice sound management principles. I fully understand the three branches of government: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial and appreciate their intended function. Each has by design its unique purpose and place of importance, holding the others accountable, creating a balance to power. I am a strong believer in access to government.


I do what I say I’m going to do. I am a person of principle, able to get the job done. I appreciate open and honest discussions and enjoy leading teams. I am a person that values integrity and honesty. I am a servant leader. I try and lead by example and I am fully committed to the betterment of Medical Lake.


I am a dedicated and hard working community leader. When I notice a problem or weak area within my sphere of work of influence I am not one to just let things stay in a state of decline. Once an issue is identified, I typically join in discussions with other leaders, strategize for a solution through collaboration, and implement a plan with an end goal in mind. I am not a delegate and walk away person. Re*Imagine Medical Lake is a perfect example, I am one of its founding members. I AM ALL IN FOR MEDICAL LAKE!

It's Not About the Money

I don’t need the job and it doesn’t pay much, so it isn’t for the money. I’m not bored, I will continue in my full-time employment and my civic work with Re*Imagine Medical Lake. So, why do I want this job? It will obviously mean longer hours. It will likely be difficult without much reward, so I’m told. I’ve heard it said, “Medical Lake is a Bedroom Community”, I don’t believe that.
I’ve heard it said. “Medical Lake is a Retirement Community”, I don’t believe that.
I’ve heard it said, “Medical Lake is a Poor Community”, I don’t believe that.

Medical Lake can be the Gem of Spokane County

Medical Lake is a beautiful picture of small-town America with potential to be the gem of Spokane County. I believe Medical Lake can preserve its unique small town natural beauty by creating a vibrant downtown where people can experience a boutique business district with an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities, something for everyone. I believe, as confirmed by census data, that 67% of Medical Lake homeowners are single working women head of households, with children, who are not on state assistance. Medical Lake’s average household income exceeds that of both neighboring towns in the west plains. The rest of the demographic is military, retired military, or military adult children who settled and now work in the region. We are mostly a town of young families. What are we offering them? I believe if action isn’t taken soon to create a vibrant downtown district that attracts our own citizens and well as others, our downtown will continue to crumble, wealth will leave, and Medical Lake will become a poorer rental community with increased crime. We are not a poor community; we are a rich community! We are rich in civic pride, rich in natural beauty, and rich in neighborly love! It appears we a small problem, we are suffering from a state of deferred maintenance, and there is much that can be done about that! I believe together we can do great things, together we can address this small problem!

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