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It is with utmost respect and confidence that I give my endorsement of Terri Cooper.

She is someone you can entrust to complete the job, which I have observed this firsthand. 

Terri has a tremendous amount of ingenuity, precision, and strong leadership ability. 

Over the past 20 years, I have observed Terri lead teams of volunteers. Whether locally in our community to provide benevolent support to those in need or crossing the ocean and serving in foreign affairs, she is willing to come alongside others. Most importantly, she is observant and tends to streamline, add to, and provide additional assistance if at all possible.  

Terri is one of our original founding members of Re*Imagine Medical Lake and is currently serving as our Treasurer and Festivals Director.  She brings a great enthusiasm and love for the community to our organization.  Terri grew us from one festival to three. Our Winter Festival has received a special award, due to her hard work and coordination of all of our volunteers.  

I am glad to recognize and endorse Terri Cooper for Mayor of Medical Lake 

Gerri Johnson

 Re*Imagine Medical Lake, President

Farm Salvation, owner

“Terri Cooper is local and believes in our local folks and our City of Medical Lake. I have seen firsthand her passion and dedication to make the City of Medical Lake better for everyone in it.  It was an honor working with Terri Cooper as one of the founding leaders of Re-Imagine Medical Lake, as well as the leading officer in building the organization since its inception.  Terri Cooper also took charge of applying for our 501 c3 designation and led the overall work in organizing many of our activities including the Founder’s Day event. We owe Terri a great deal in building Re-Imagine Medical Lake to where it is today.     

I am very confident of her leadership ability and her great work ethic and cannot think of anyone more suited to the job as a mayor of the city that we all love.  We need a visionary leader with a “can do” attitude in the City of Medical Lake.”

Ben Cabildo

Terri Cooper has deep roots and a commitment to our community that inspires others. She is running for Mayor to lead a new era in Medical Lake’s history. She has a vision of a better future for everyone who calls Medical Lake home and is dedicated to bringing hope and healing to broken lives, broken families, and broken systems. Her leadership focuses on others and is exactly what we need.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers

Washington 5th District Congresswoman 

I have had the privilege of working with Terri as a member of the committee to bring the Vietnam Traveling Wall to Medical Lake.  A task that first appeared as a monumental project, and it was, but under the guidance and organization skills that Terri brought to the table and her willingness to listen and act on advice that was given to her, not only made a complicated undertaking (bringing the wall to Medical Lake), with many appendages seem possible, she managed the siting of the wall to a roaring success, one that all veterans, especially Vietnam veterans and their families and loved ones wholeheartedly appreciated.  A committee such as this with many retired and practicing professionals demands a leader that is tenacious, understanding, competent, forceful, organized, and possess exceptional communication skills all which Terri brought to the table.  I would follow her into battle. 

With that said I feel Terri would make an excellent Mayor.  As a former City Planner for Medical Lake, I know the issues that small-towns face, and there are many, and Terri is the right person at the right time to represent the citizens of Medical Lake and lead the city through possibly uncertain times for the next four years and more.

Glenn R, Scholten

Retired Medical Lake Planner
  • Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Washington 5th District Congresswoman
  • Jenny Graham, Washington Stare 6th District Representative
  • Randy and Gerri Johnson, Owners, Farm Salvation
  • Ryan Stemkoski, Owner, Zipline B2B Marketing
  • Maurice Piersol, Owner, Piersol Construction
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